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                                       Hello  and  Welcome!!

Thanks for stopping by The  Pied  Piper  Cakes and Bake Shoppe!  Here at  the Pied  Piper,  we are  a family owned  and  operated  business  that  firmly believes in  excellent  customer service,  people, quality  homemade  products  with quality  ingredients,  and old   fashioned down-home  southern hospitality.  

Our  love for baking  and  sharing  good  food with  loved ones to  create  smiles  and  togetherness   is something that  has been in our  family  for  generations. It  is a passion and a love that will pass  down for generations  to come.  We are  honored and excited  to be able to share  these  cherished   recipes with you.

We have  a special  variety  of  hand-picked  breakfast  items,  pies, cobblers, cookies,  cupcakes,   cakes, and other  yummy seasonal delights, all freshly baked  with  love, happiness  and lots of creativity!  

Whether  you're needing that spark of  whimsical  imagination, special attention to detail,  or  that  good ol' warm, fuzzy  feeling  for  your event   or place of business, let us create  that  unique  flare  you're looking  for.


We also know that everyone deserves to have life be a little sweeter, even with restrictions. So we have sugar free and dairy free options available as well, if requested.  


We have a special place in our hearts when it  comes  to weddings and  events.  We  want  your  vision  to  come to life to the best of our ability.  We  will work closely with you  to make  sure  you have a unique  and delightful dessert spread  to fit  your theme  perfectly.  Our  assortment of tasty treats  can be customized  to create the perfect little touch for your special day. 

The  Pied Piper  will  bake, decorate,  deliver  and set up to ensure  you have every detail covered.  

*Additional  delivery  fee  may be added  based on size of order and distance.   ( The delivery  charge  will be discussed and confirmed  in advance for your approval. )

                    So  give us a call  at (903) 881-5428,  or email  us  at:    


                    to  order  the  sweetest  touch of  magic  you've  ever tasted!

                We look forward to working with  you, and God  bless!!

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